A chaque vin sa personnalité et à chaque millésime sa singularité, voici une description non exhaustive de chacune des cuvées que nous vous proposons.
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A family affair…

The Mas Oncle Ernest is the fruit of four generations, whose founder Ernest Gras had painstakingly built the base.

Camille, Léon, Philippe, Pierre and now Alexandre are worthy heirs of a heritage to which they care more than anything, in a region they love more than anything.

The alliance between the men of this family and the Mont Ventoux land through the cultivation of vines, offers original and unique wines, gourmet and digestible that are just waiting to seduce you.
Each wine has its own personality and each vintage its uniqueness, here is a non-exhaustive description of each of the vintages we offer you.

The collection of wines


A state of mind

Our objectives are clear and precise: mark the taster with a red iron from its first sip. This is our ambition, which is not limited to making a “good wine”. To do this, we must be present at all stages of product development. Who better than a wine maker to prune, vinify or talk about his wine? Vinifying a reasonable volume by yourself is therefore both an imperative and a choice! We attach great importance to parcel selection. It must meet the criteria of the desired final product. This basic principle, if it exists, may prove, in fact, more complicated than it appears…

What option to choose? develop a Côtes du Rhône or a Côtes du Ventoux? We voluntarily ignore the AOCs. We operate based on our favorite, on intuition, on a feeling about each plot, depending on its exposure, its age or even its “dirt”. Mas Oncle Ernest will therefore vinify his first vintage as a Côtes du Ventoux.

“Mark the taster with a red iron from his/her first sip.”

A method of working…

  • We vinify each plot independently in order to obtain a wide collection of samples to doctor our blends.
  • We insist on the origin of the grapes that they must come from the same geological formation in order to preserve a characteristic specific to each soil and thus allow the expression of the vineyard terrain.
  • Our winemaking processes seek to explode the aromatic potential of each grape variety. Working very healthy and perfectly ripe grapes allows obtaining very fruity wines with melted tannins. Our aim is to produce fine wines.
  • Winemaking the wine is done in stainless steel vats and new barrels. The selection of very high quality French coopers allows us to develop an additional aromatic complexity, without masking the natural aromas of our wine. This feature brings an atypical and special side to our product.
  • The resulting vintages are assembled with special care. In the end, the result is a homogeneous and coherent wine, which we will have the pleasure of making you taste…